The UofT Timetable Generator is an Android app that helps University of Toronto students compose their course schedules! Instead of putting together your schedule manually, you can simply type in the courses you want to take, hit ‘Generate’, and this app will produce an optimal timetable for you (i.e. fewest time conflicts as possible, as well as optional preferences like “morning/evening person”). The UofT Timetable Generator currently only supports St. George Arts and Science courses (excluding Architecture courses), but future versions of this app will also support other departments, programs, and campuses.  Please note that the course information in this app was taken directly from the U of T Arts and Science Calendar. While we try our best to ensure that the course information is accurate, we cannot and do not guarantee that the information is correct. We are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information delivered by UofT Timetable Generator.

The UofT Timetable Generator was made by Yelim Kim, Caroline Liu and Laura (Di) Chen, three students from the University of Toronto.