If you are a University of Toronto undergraduate student, you probably have developed the dreaded Timetable Headache from trying to figure out the ideal course schedule for the upcoming school year! How do I pick the courses I’m interested in, and pick all the right sections, tutorials, and labs so that I don’t have morning/evening classes or all my courses on Monday?

The UofT Timetable Generator is an Android app that resolves that problem! You simply choose the courses you want to take, select whether you want your mornings/evenings free, or whether you’d like your courses balanced nicely throughout the week, hit “Generate”, and we’ll pick the combination of lecture sections, tutorials, and labs that’s best for you. Want a different section because your favourite professor is there? You can also fine-tune your timetable once it’s generated! When you’re all done, you can save the timetable to your phone’s gallery so you’ll always have your timetable in sight.

Working demo